Weekend Whisky Write-Up: 2 – 4 November 2012

‘Twas a weekend of fireworks here as our village held its annual bonfire night celebrations on Saturday. We toasted good ol’ Guy Fawkes with the following drams: Friday: Talisker Talisker, from the island of Skye, is sweet, spicy, and smoky. If you like smoky whisky but find the big Islay beasties like Laphroaig a bit… [Read more...]

The Month Of Manly Moustaches

Movember is upon us! Now, before we go any further, I need to admit to an irrational dislike of the word Movember itself. There’s something about it that puts me on edge, a feeling akin to biting into tin foil when you have a filling. Suffice it to say, this makes NMovember challenging for me… [Read more...]

Weekend Whisky Write-Up: 26 – 28 October 2012

Given that we enjoyed three of the most powerful whiskies we have this weekend, I’m dubbing this Weekend Whisky Write-Up the Go big since you’re already at home edition! If you want three whiskies that pack a full-on punch, you can’t do better than these: Friday: Laphroaig Quarter Cask While this whisky may initially give… [Read more...]

Weekend Whisky Write-Up: 19 – 21 October 2012

We tend to do most of whisky drinking over the weekends, savouring an after dinner dram on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. I’ve been wanting to keep track of which whiskies we enjoy each weekend, so I thought I’d start a weekly write-up! Ironically, the weekend on which I decided to start this was a… [Read more...]