JTS Brown is a bourbon produced by Heaven Hill Distillery in Kentucky, USA. It also happens to be the drink of choice for ‘Fast Eddie’ Felson, a character played by the late great Paul Newman in the films The Hustler (1961) and The Colour Of Money (1986). The movies are adaptations of books by Walter Tevis.

A classic scene from The Hustler, in which Eddie is taking on the legendary pool player “Minnesota Fats”, contains the following exchange:

Fats: Preach! Go down and get me some White Tavern whisky, a glass, and some ice.

Eddie: Preacher! Go on down and get me some bourbon. J. T. S. Brown. No ice, no glass.

I did watch The Colour Of Money and enjoyed it, mainly because it also starred Tom Cruise. Hey, I was thirteen at the time, and this was way before he got all weird on us. Please don’t hold it against me. But I have never watched The Hustler. My own personal preferences don’t usually extend to movies made before I was born and especially not to those made in black and white. I’ve tried being all artsy fartsy and cinema nouveau about it all, but I now admit defeat. Maybe I’ll read the book instead.

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