Kentucky, USA

Wild Turkey Whiskey: “GENUINE bourbon for REAL men, enjoying GOOD times with their TRUE friends”.

Yes, folks, that’s a direct quote from the website of Pernod Ricard (the owner of Wild Turkey whiskey), caps included. Now, I don’t doubt that REAL men drink Wild Turkey. No quibble with that at all. No sirree. But I do have one teensy little question, if I may… what does Pernod Ricard think us REAL women drink?

Just in case they really don’t know, here’s the answer: Whisky. Of all types. Including bourbon, and most definitely including Wild Turkey. The “Kickin’ Chicken” may be 101 proof, but we can handle it.

Yup, Wild Turkey is a big bourbon. The most common bottling is the 101 proof, but it also comes in 80 proof, 86.8 proof, an 8 Year Old version of the 101 proof, a 12 Year Old, Kentucky Spirit single barrel, Rare Breed 108.4 proof, Russell’s Reserve 10 Year Old, and American Spirit 15 Year Old. The distillery also has rye whiskey versions of the 101 proof and Russell’s Reserve.

Like most distilleries these days, Wild Turkey is now corporately owned. The suits may be responsible for writing embarrassingly chauvinistic marketing slogans, yet, thankfully, they haven’t been allowed to meddle in the distilling. This is one distillery where “keeping it in the family” is not just a saying… Jimmy Russell, the Master Distiller, has worked at Wild Turkey since 1954. Both his father and grandfather were in the distillery business too. And Jimmy’s son Eddie has also joined the ranks, now working beside his father at Wild Turkey as Associate Distiller. The Russell’s Reserve bottlings mentioned above were created by this father and son team, and pay homage to their fine family pedigree.

Wild Turkey seems set to rival Coke for keeping secret formulas, well, secret… “keeping it in the family” also applies to the formula for the yeast used in the fermentation process, which is passed down from one generation to the next. Less of a secret is the water used to make this bourbon, which passes through a limestone shelf on its way to the well situated on the distillery’s grounds. This limestone acts as a natural filter, removing impurities from the water. It does its job so well that the town of Lawrenceburg decided to take advantage of this and situated its water plant on the distillery’s property too!

General Tasting Notes

Wild Turkey Whiskey Distillery Tasting Notes

Wild Turkey Whiskey Distillery Tasting Notes

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Distillery Contact Information

Address: 1525 Tyrone Road, Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, 40342


Tel: (502) 839 2182

Tours: Monday to Saturday at 09:00, 10:30, 12:30 and 14:30. Some of the sections of the distillery are inaccessible to visitors between July and September as essential maintenance takes place during those months.

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